Suboxone 2 mg


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Suboxone 2 mg  orange pill or n2 pill is the dose of the Suboxone sublingual tablet used in the induction phase of Opioid addiction treatment. Suboxone 2mg pill contains 2mg of buprenorphine per 0.5mg of naloxone. The use of naloxone in this tablet is for preventing the misuse of opioids whereas buprenorphine helps to withdraw opioids without any serious side effects. This sublingual tablet is taken by mouth, keeping this under the tongue until dissolves properly.

Suboxone may have side effects which can be usual or severe to the patient. Before taking suboxone 2 mg you must need to know about all the side effects and allergies of this medicine from your doctor. Suboxone side effects include nausea, dizziness, headache, or constipation which may go away after some weeks but if these last or get worse call your doctor immediately. Some serious effects like damage to teeth and gums, liver problems, breathing problems, or stop breathing during sleep may occur.

Before taking the medicine consult with doctors and tell them if you have any other diseases or taking any medicines as Suboxone may interact and cause some fatal side effects.

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