Suboxone 8 mg


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Suboxone 8mg orange pill is the sublingual as well as buccal tablet dose of Suboxone medicine. This is an FDA-approved prescription medicine that contains 8mg of buprenorphine / 2mg of naloxone. It is used for the treatment of Opioid dependence disorder in which a person gets addicted to narcotic drugs like morphine and heroin. Suboxone 8mg is used as a maintenance dose for this treatment. The proportion of the composition of buprenorphine and naloxone is 4:1 for the Suboxone medicine.

Suboxone treatment of Opioid dependence disorder is the most common suggestion by doctors. The buprenorphine present in this medicine acts as an opioid modulator that prevents the withdrawal effects of opioids and the naloxone acts as an opioid antagonist which stops the opioid effects. This is the reason why Suboxone use in this treatment is in high demand. You can take this sublingual pill by keeping it under your tongue or inside the cheek as it is also in buccal form.

Side effects of Suboxone may include both mild and severe symptoms. Mild side effects like headache, nausea, and constipation may go away after some weeks of use but serious side effects like breathing problems, blurry vision, and teeth or gums damage should not be ignored. Call your doctor immediately if you see any serious symptoms or side effects.

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