We, the CureCog team respect and admire our customers’ privacy. We have shared all the necessary Privacy Policies with you on this page. Here you can get information about how we collect your data, how we use your data, with whom we share your information, how we maintain your privacy through our service and how can you contact us for your query. We suggest you read this privacy policy carefully.

CureCog is a US-based online pharma store that deals with the best quality and FDA-approved medicines for pain, ADHD, men’s health, sleeping disorders, weight loss, etc. We always try to give the best service & experience to our users, and for that, we need to know our customers.

What type of data do we collect?

As we are a service-based store, we need to know some information about our users which is necessary to give our consumers the best user experience. We collect information about our users including personal details given through sign-up, commercial data like interested products you purchase or usage history, your payment status and account details, your prescription, health insurance, and conversations with our healthcare advisor. For safe and fast delivery service we may collect geo-location and device information like the IP address of your phone, tablet, or computer system. We may collect information on your web browsing history related to our services, interactions with our services, or any advertising by the Curecog website. We collect your hardware or device information & network-related data through the cookies systems for our updates We may collect data from other third-party sites about you with or without your acknowledgment only related to our services or if it is necessary.

Why and How do we collect data?

All the information or data we collect are mostly used to improve our website and services. We use personal information and health-related information or anything else that helps to identify a person for creating and managing individual accounts so that we can serve you in a better way. We use your account details or any commercial information only to suggest the most relevant products or services, recommendations, and transactions during the purchase of a product. We can make our communication better through our websites, mail, text messages, and other platforms with you by using your information. We may use information for advertising or marketing purposes on other websites, and applications which may include retargeting our consumers on third-party platforms. We may use your information to personalize and contextualize our site so that you can find more relevant suggestions and products for you. We collect our users’ personal information through the sign-up option, through queries asked by you, and by the cookies system. We use cookies to collect the information of our unsigned users. We may use third-party technologies to collect users’ information.

Data Security & Safety

Data safety of our customers is one of our biggest responsibility and it is our assurance to you that your data will be safe on our website. Our website is 100% secure from black hat hackers, the dark web, and other web thieves. Our technical team uses the best data security algorithms, data warehouse, and secured servers to protect our users’ data. We never share any information about our customers with any platforms or other third-party websites for business.

How long do we retain user data?

We never use your data after leaving our site. We collect or retain your data until you are signed up on our website after that we do not use any data of our users further. So if you have signed out from our website you need not worry about your data privacy.

User Rights

We do not force our users to accept our privacy policy or any other policies. You can accept or deny our policies of your choice. You can update, delete, or limit your data. You can modify your personal or other data on account settings. In some cases, you have the right to data portability for the data you give us. You can submit a request to get information about which personal data is being used and you can also request to delete any of your data from our server. We will do the same if that is possible. You can contact our team if you have any issues regarding your data privacy.

According to the rights we can change, update, or delete this privacy policy if necessary. To know about the latest change or update you can see the mentioned date.

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