Adderall 10 mg


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Adderall 10 mg blue pill is a specific dose of Adderall medicine. Basically adderall acts on the nervous system by blocking the reuptake of dopamine hormone by the neurons. Adderall 10 mg is an Adderall dosage that is prescribed the most for ADHD adult dosages. It is suggested that an adult should take this medicine after some weeks of initial Adderall doses or if it is prescribed by doctors to get optimal results.

AD 10 pill uses are not limited to ADHD, it is also prescribed for narcolepsy disorder. It may be used by athletes as it stimulates the body and makes you feel energetic. Although it is used in a wide range it can be misused or abused which is illegal. It is suggested that take this medicine dose as per the doctors.

This medicine may show some crucial side effects individually or with the interaction of other medicines, diseases, and alcohol. Read about the precautions and information given about this medicine carefully.

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