Adderall 30 mg


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Orange Adderall 30 mg(AD 30) pill or tablet is the maximum instant-release (IR) dose of Adderall for the treatment of ADHD in adults. AD 30 pill represents the highest amount of amphetamine salt present in it. This medicine maximizes the chance of recovery in ADHD treatment. Like a normal Adderall dosage this variation also stimulates the CNS and controls the hyperactivity and inattentiveness of the patient but in a high intensity. Overdose of Adderall 30 mg pill can be dangerous to health, try to avoid this situation. You can take this tablet by mouth as per the prescription.

As it has more power, long-term use of this tablet can be addictive and may cause some serious side effects. So avoid certain circumstances mentioned in the precautions and make sure you consult with your health advisor before you start or stop this medicine. Misuse or abuse of this Schedule II is illegal and can be punishable.

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