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Biotin vs Keratin: Which is best for you?

Biotin vs Keratin

The two primary nutrients in our body are proteins and vitamins, besides fats that are responsible for the necessary functions in our body. These belong to the category of micronutrients. On the other hand, proteins are macronutrients that work differently than vitamins. In the following blog, we will discuss two vitamins and proteins i.e. Biotin and Keratin, and mainly focus on the Biotin vs Keratin comparison that will be made on various grounds. 

What are Biotin and Keratin?

Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K are the commonly found micronutrients. Vitamin B is divided into several categories. Among them, one is Vitamin B7 or Biotin Vitamin. The way some fats and carbs are broken and utilized is determined by the presence of Biotin in the body. Biotin supplements are available in the market and it can be used for hair treatment. 

Just like Biotin, there exists a protein, keratin, that acts as a necessary nutrient for hair. Damaged hair can be treated with the use of this protein. The keratin protein is available as a dietary supplement. Biotin and keratin are associated with the health and functionality of our hair. However, some differences exist between them. Let us explore a few of these.  

Comparison: Biotin Vs Keratin:

Now, we will look at the differences between keratin and Biotin based on some factors. Let us now get started. 


1. Skin:

The primary health of the human skin can be treated with the help of biotin. People can take this vitamin orally to improve their skin health without consultation with a healthcare expert. Sometimes, doctors may prescribe to use it. 

Keratin is naturally produced by the human body and can be taken orally by individuals to smoothen their skin and give it a natural appearance. However, due to some health conditions, if it is not being produced, people can take keratin tablets or capsules. 

2. Hair:

Quite often, individuals with temporary hair loss can take biotin tablets or capsules without a doctor’s prescription. The regrowth of hair can be achieved with the help of vitamin B7. Thicker hair can be grown with the help of biotin. 

People can make their hair stronger with the help of keratin. It is one of the natural proteins that are responsible for the overall growth of hair. Vital nutrients that are needed for healthy hair are provided by this protein. 

3. Conjunctivitis:

Conjunctivitis (pinkish eyes) is a common health complication persons may face from time to time.  It can be treated by orally taking vitamin B7. Doctors may prescribe biotin supplements or use other medications for treating conjunctivitis in individuals. 

Keratin supplements may not be used in order to treat conjunctivitis. Other medicines that may or may not include keratin can be used to treat this eye condition. 

4. Deficiency:

Those who lack biotin may experience rashes on the skin, brittle nails, nerve pain, and thin hair. Biotin capsules or tablets can be used to treat the deficiency of vitamin B7. For treating the inadequacy of this vitamin, its optimal dosages are recommended by healthcare professionals. Keratin is produced by vitamin B7, hence, it may also be taken to treat Biotin deficiency. 

Keratin tablets or capsules help in treating its deficiency. If keratin is not being produced naturally, it can help in the production of this protein. Doctors may often prescribe biotin instead of keratin supplements to treat the deficiency occurring from keratin. 

Treatment for Hair:

Hair health is desirable for both women and men. People may choose to take either the biotin treatment or the keratin treatment to get a smoothing treatment for hair. Now, we will explore how these biotin vs keratin hair treatments differ from one another. 

Biotin therapy permeates the liquid form of vitamin B7 for hair growth. It works on the shaft of the hair. By working on that part of the hair, it heightens up the growth rate of follicles. The tiny holes on our heads that look like pockets are known as follicles. Hair emerges from these tiny pocket-shaped holes. When the rate of follicles increases, healthy hair is achieved after carrying out the biotin treatment for hair management. People must approach professionals who are experts in such a treatment of biotin for hair. 

Hair treatment keratin for hair growth works differently because it does not increase follicles, instead, it makes hair stronger and less breakable. When keratin is used, it targets the strands of keratin and changes the way they appear. Flat iron is often needed by any professional hair stylist to seal this protein in hair. Many hair products contain keratin.  


A difference exists between biotin and keratin regarding solubility in water. Vitamin B7 is known to be a soluble vitamin. Therefore, no matter how much amount of this vitamin is absorbed, the amount that is not necessary for the body will expel during urination. It is crucial for individuals to take certain foods that are rich in Vitamin B7 to avoid their deficiency. Tempeh, soybeans, cooked eggs, chops or pork, fava beans, natto, peanuts, etc., are rich in biotin. 

Many of us have heard about non-soluble proteins. One such protein is keratin. Because this protein does not dissolve in water, it is stored by the human body. Proteolytic enzymes are not able to break apart this protein because of its non-soluble nature. Keratin is a very stable protein, and this results in multiple cysteine (an amino acid) bonds. 


Although biotin and keratin supplements are necessary for the healthy growth of hair, they vary from each other. A primary comparison of Biotion vs Keratin is that biotin is a vitamin, while keratin is a protein. Other differences define the way they function and in what treatments they are used. These two nutrients work on hair but in their unique ways. 

Some medical conditions can be treated by biotin but cannot be treated by keratin. For others, both may be useful. Prescriptions from healthcare professionals may or may not be required when using these medicines. However, if side effects get adverse after taking their dosages, people must visit the concerned doctor.

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